How would you raise £150 for the church? 
Further Information and Frequently Asked Questions
Owen Jones, 09/06/2019
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As part of the Mutley Mission and Ministry 150 (MMM150) celebrations, the Pledge 150 Challenge is a campaign aiming for 150 pledges of £150 to be made in 150 days before the celebration date for Mutley Baptist Church’s 150th birthday.

It has been designed to inspire and challenge the members, regular attenders, wider community and friends of Mutley Baptist Church, to celebrate its mission and ministry over the last 150 years, and to help enable it to continue for the next 150 years and beyond.

When does it start and finish?

The challenge will begin on Thursday 6th June which will give us 150 days until the celebration service on the 3rd November.

What’s a pledge?

A pledge is a commitment to donate an amount of money – in this case we’re aiming for £150 per pledge.

What if I/we are then unable to raise £150?

Although a pledge is a commitment, it isn’t binding and we won’t be chasing people for money! Any donation, whether this is less or more than £150 will be gratefully received, and we will have faith that there will be some pledges that raise more than £150 as well.

Who can pledge?

A pledge can be made by an individual, couple, group, organisation or business associated with the church. It can be extended to those outside of the church membership – local businesses, communities or other groups will be invited to take part.

Are we asking too much of an exhausted congregation?

Hopefully not. This is a great opportunity to build a positive culture at Mutley – encouraging and working together with one another, and seeing good things happen as a result. There are great benefits that can come from this campaign and we’re excited to see where it leads us. One thing we are keen to stress is that it’s a good idea to think of a pledge that spreads the donation outside the church. 150 pledges that all ask the same people to donate would quickly burn everyone out. Inviting non-church friends and family to take part in your event, sponsor your challenge or generally help out with your pledge will help make it all a lot more manageable.

Can I be involved in more than one pledge?

Yes! It’d be great if people want to pledge individually, as couples, families, friendship groups, house groups, prayer partners and more – be part of as many pledges as you like but don’t burn yourself out. See the answer above about involving non-church friends and family as one way of avoiding this.

Can children take part?

There will be a Pledge 150 Children’s Challenge which will run alongside where the children are encouraged to try and raise 150 coins of any value – this has been discussed with the Children’s Outreach Worker.

Can I pledge anonymously?

Yes. We would love to know a bit about who is pledging in order to support you in your pledge and also to encourage others but you are also welcome to pledge anonymously. Any information held will only be for the purposes of the challenge and personal details will be removed in the weeks following the celebration weekend, once the project has been debriefed.

How do I pledge?

The easiest way to pledge is to visit our online form. This simple form takes you through a few key questions in order and you can submit that to be added directly onto our database. Some have had problems opening this in Internet Explorer; if that’s the case, try opening it in another web browser such as Chrome or Safari. There will also be an opportunity to pledge at the services via a pledge card available on the pews or in the foyer, or on the back of the fundraising guide we are producing.

What will the money raised be used for?

To continue the ministry and mission of Mutley Baptist Church. We will be communicating and emphasising all the good works that happen through this body of people to extend God’s Kingdom, but also the practical support and love we share with our community. We would like it to help ensure it continues and the money raised will be significant in many ways.

How can I raise the money?

However you like! You can be as creative (or not!) as you like. It could be a straightforward donation, running an event, a sponsored activity, savings – perhaps from giving up something for 150 days, selling some of your stuff, or something else! Do you know some banks will pay you £100 or more for switching your current account to them? We look forward to hearing about the different ways people do it. We are producing a fundraising guide which will include some ideas as starters for ten – keep your eyes peeled for a printed and emailable version of this.

I’ve got stuff I could sell but I’m not sure how?

How about going to a car boot? Or organising a tabletop sale? Facebook Marketplace is a very popular way also – or another online site. If you’re not so confident with online selling sites, perhaps ask around for someone who could do it for you? If you’re still stuck, contact the Pledge 150 Challenge team and we could try and find someone to help.

What if I think of the same event as someone else?

We’re keeping a record of the events and activities that people are planning so we can advertise and support them and also have an overview to avoid any clashes. Mary Tollins is collating that information and can help advise. You can also discuss your ideas on the Pledge 150 Challenge Facebook group (see below).

If I go to someone else's event and spend money on a ticket, will that count towards my pledge?

No, the person or group responsible for that event would count your money in their pledge. We'd love you to pledge yourself and find another way to raise the money.

How do I pay my money in?

BACS transfer

Account name: Mutley Baptist Church Mission
Sort code: 405240
Account number: 00091919
Please use reference: PLEDGE 150


Through the offering collection during Sunday services - please use the envelopes which will be provided in the foyer.


Through the offering collection during Sunday services - please use the envelopes which will be provided in the foyer. Cheques to be made payable to Mutley Baptist Church Mission. (Cash or cheques can also be handed in to the church office as long as they are clearly marked for Pledge 150 Challenge).

Can’t I just put my donation in the offering bags?

Yes, but please make sure it’s in the envelopes marked for Pledge 150 Challenge so that we can accurately account for the money coming in for this one-off challenge.

Is this donation in place of my regular giving?

No. This challenge is a one-off fundraiser and should be in addition to regular giving.

Can I Gift Aid?

If your pledge is solely a personal donation from you then, yes. You will need to be registered with Mutley Baptist Church for gift aid which you can do at any point prior to donating. Gift Aid forms can be requested via the church office . If your donation is eligible, you will need to tell us specifically if you would like us to claim Gift Aid for your pledge donation. If you’ve paid via BACS, please send an email to the office to say that the payment is eligible and you’d like us to claim Gift Aid with the details of the payment (date made and from which account) and your Gift Aid registration number. The envelopes for use in the offering will ask whether you are a UK taxpayer on the front and wish for Gift Aid to be claimed. Again to reiterate that this can only be claimed where the money donated is solely given as a personal gift; if the money has been raised by collecting from others, or where others have paid for an event or service, then Gift Aid cannot be claimed.

How can I keep in touch with how the challenge is going and update you on my fundraising?

We have set up a Facebook group so we can keep people updated on social media. There will be regular updates in Outline and in the church services. You can also contact us by emailing the church office

Is it just about raising money?

Mutley Baptist Church is a charity and is entirely dependent on donations to continue its ministry and the money will help! However, this challenge has added benefits as it’s an opportunity for the church membership to come together around a common goal but which allows for diversity and creativity. It’s an opportunity to involve our wider community and those we partner with through the events and activities. It’s also an opportunity to take a step of faith and see God’s provision.

Can I ask other people or organisations to pledge?

Yes, although please come and talk to us about this first. We are working on a template letter which can be sent out. This would primarily ask those outside the church family to come and join the celebration service rather than just asking for money! The Pledge 150 Challenge is just another way to mark the occasion and invite people to be a part of the mission and ministry of Mutley Baptist Church.

Data Protection/Privacy Notice - What will you do with my information?

Under Data Protection legislation the Mutley Baptist Church Charity Trustees are the Data Controller and the Operations Manager acts as our Data Protection Officer. Any details gathered on this form will be held on a database within Google Drive which will be password protected and only accessed by 3 people. We will only contact you with information relating to the Pledge 150 Challenge including information about how to make your donation(s) - and any other event/activity related to MMM150 (Ministry and mission at Mutley) anniversary. Once this campaign has finished - including any follow-up activity - your details will be removed from our records. Your details will not be passed to any outside organisation and you may request that they are removed at any point by emailing


Do you have a question that isn't mentioned here? Contact us on Facebook or via the office email above to ask.