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There’s a huge range of tasks that need to be done within the church so we’re sure to be able to find something that matches your gifts, and passions. This could be anything from serving coffee after a service, to helping in one of our children’s groups, to visiting the sick and housebound, to carrying out one of the many admin jobs that need to be done.

Some tasks need a special set of skills, some can be done by anyone. Some tasks need to be done on a Sunday, some can be done mid-week. Some during the day, others in the evening. Some are very much ‘front of house’, some are more behind the scenes.

Mutley Baptist Church is primarily supported by the generous giving of those who are part of the church.


Your gifts pay for staff team, the upkeep of the premises and many of the activities such as our work with the community and our youth, children and families youth work.


We give away some of what we receive to other Christian projects in Plymouth and around the world.


God takes what you give and multiplies it. If you would like to give regularly pick up a card from one of the pews, or contact the church office and they will give you a standing order form. If you are a UK taxpayer and sign a gift aid form we can also reclaim 25% of the value of your gift.

Worship by giving


Regular giving, praying, volunteering, supporting our groups and outreach work or just be apart of the church community. We want to work towards being an inclusive church for everyone.

If you’d like to volunteer to help out at any of our groups or activities we’d love to hear from you!


Fill out our volunteering form below!

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