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Praying Hands

Our Values


Love God, Love people

These values, which we adopted in 2022, represent our desire to be like Jesus in all our activities together and our daily lives. We hope and pray that everyone can see this in us. But we also recognise that (like everyone) we are a work in progress so we also ask for grace and forgiveness for the times when we fail to live by these values.


We have written a series of daily prayers based on these values, and some us use these prayers each day - asking that God's Spirit will help to change us so that we live out these values as individuals and as a church. You can download a copy of the daily prayers here. We would be blessed if you join with us each day in prayer, using these prayers.

Christian Booklet
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God orientated

Like Jesus: a prayerful God-focused people who seek and celebrate God whether we are gathered together or dispersed; doing everything to honour and worship God; listening to God through the bible; and responding to the innovative prompting of the Spirit of God

Circle of people

Lovingly Inclusive

Like Jesus: celebrating and affirming every person and challenging discrimination; valuing everyone and being accessible to all; ensuring everyone has a safe place in God's family; and especially caring for and welcoming those who have been marginalised.


Ethically motivated

Like Jesus; unashamedly and relevantly speaking God's truth, striving for justice, caring for the environment and actively challenging the abuse of power, wealth, status and privilege.

Love Locks

Generously big-hearted

Like Jesus; becoming vulnerable in serving others, and generously reflecting the generosity of God - giving our time, gifts, expertise and resources to serve God and others

People in Park

People focused

Like Jesus; caring for and loving people of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest; through our words and actions embodying and bringing the transforming love of God to our local community in Mutley, to Plymouth, the UK and the wider world.

Art Installation

Playfully creative

Like Jesus; enjoying and appreciating life in all its fullness, using our God-given talents to express ourselves and to communicate his truth and looking imaginatively with the eyes of faith to discern and follow God's will.

We ask for God's Spirit's to help us embody these values, and humbly we seek and offer forgiveness for the times when we fail to do so.

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